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Why Europeans will now favour european products.

mars 16, 2012

Relocation rhymes with deindustrialization.

Europe is deindustrialization at a worrying speed. Whole sectors disappear entirely.

European know-how in several professions risks extinction.

We have recently heard a lot about Lejaby, a brand specialized in undergarment, who will be delocalising 100% of its production outside of Europe.

The brand will thus add its name to an impressive list. The textile sector is largely concerned but is not the only one affected. Food, automotive sector, DIY, the shoe sector, electromechanical, appliances, decoration, the toy industry, services, sports & hobbies and many other sectors are affected.

The media coverage and turmoil around Lejaby was very important in France. Chronology wise, the elections are fast approaching.

But for one delocalisation who found a happy ending with the LVMH group, how many others are being completed in total anonymity, deafening silence and with no media coverage whatsoever.

A new cause: Motivation Europe.

We think it is more than time to take get our hands dirty. It is time to find alternative solutions.

Utopia? Lack of realism on our part?

It is true that we do not have the means to ameliorate the competitivity of European enterprises. We will not be able to affect payrolls or lighten the tax pressure that handicap companies and of course, we cannot stop high level executives from looking for alternative solutions which will enable them to produce for cheaper costs.
But what we can obtain, thanks to the astonishing power of communication, is to have Europeans buy products which were produced in Europe.

Motivation Europe aims to stimulate the preference for European products.

This is an example of a poster aimed at the fashion industry.

Each European product bought saves or creates European employment.

This is the aim of our action.

Important note: our cause is an optimistic and positive one, not discriminatory.

The solution is not to block our frontiers and stop foreign products to enter nor to denigrate them.

We do believe though that it is possible to valorize innovation, quality and the reliability of the products produced in Europe more.

An example of a message for the automotive sector:

In our strategy we of course think of manufacturing companies that are ever so important for the creation of qualified employment, the big enterprises and also the creative SME’s that have always been the conduit for innovation in Europe.

We are going to give those companies communication tools which will valorize their know-how. We will offer them options to relay this message in print in shops to sensitize customers. We will offer them the possibility to build closer relationships with certain medias.

Example of creation for the shoe industry 

The time has come to create a large movement of opinion in which the goal will be to stimulate the preference for European products.

If you agree with this idea we propose that you support our cause and to discuss it with us.

We believe that together we will achieve great results!

In the grand scheme of world wide competition, Europe does not lack assets but it would benefit greatly from new ideas.

We have plenty of new ideas, and if you do too, lets join our forces and talent!

Let the brain storming commence.


Founder of Motivation Europe

P.S.: We are looking for sponsors that would help us finance the diffusion of our ideas in Europe. This is a serious opportunity for companies wishing to increase visibility and credibility in Europe.


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